Saturday, December 10, 2016

Winter Fox

A new addition to my fur sets on IMVU
These are my Winter/Christmas themed edition.

The Winter fox

The Winter Kitsune

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


SkyFallen is one of the scallies that I have made. She's a bit over a year old now texture wise. She is considered a Cloud dragon, and as of yet, I have not made a male version to match it. Eventually, I will make the male version.

Links to bundles:
Female Version 1
Female Version 2
Andro Version

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

SkyCat Bundle


The SkyCat is a leopard avian mix. At this time i do not have a male version of this set, though in the future I will. Here is a link to the bundled outfit on IMVU.

IMVU and Texturing

Over the last few years, I have been really getting into Creating items on IMVU by texturing things. Which has been a lifelong passion of mine that I have wanted to do, which was to create and make things that I draw into 3-dimensional things, while I have not learned how to make 3-D models, I have got the basics down of how to texture those models. As such I will be sharing, for now images of the finish products. As i really love fantasy, the majority of these that will be posted will be of furries. On there I also make an assortment of accessories, furnature, clothing, rooms. Some of these things I will also share when I have some time to get around to making a nice image template to put them into. Which will take some time, as I have over a thousand items that I have made, which some of them I am re-textuing the old textures because of the improvements I  have made.

See you All later, and don't forget to visit my friends' blogs: Dreaming of Fish and Imperial Anthology

Hello again

Hello everyone
So it's been quite some time since I have posted here. Since it has been so long I figure I'll start blogging once again. Anywho, things that I will be putting here will range from how life has been and is doing, art that I have made as well as quite possibly some simple tutorials I'll be making of how to make things inside of photoshop, as well as posts linking to kindle books that I will be making. I have also gone and done a clean sweep of my older posts to have a fresh, new start.

So speaking of making Kindle books, I've decided that I would like to try my hand at writing children stories. Simply for the fact that, they don't have to be terribly long, and it will be something nice to try out and I can read them to my daughter as well as have her read them to me. Thus helping her with learning to better read things.

On a different note, I've been living in Nevada for a couple of years now. I quite love it and it is doing wonders for my fibromyalgia, the heat has taken my everyday pains and lessened it substantially. I still have my flare up days, but they aren't nearly as bad as when i was living in Maine.

I'm currently engaged to my wonderful fiancé, we will be getting married on November 4th, 2017. We've got my wedding dress picked out and have decided to have an outdoor wedding in the park near where we live.

So I have been doing a bit more drawing here and there for myself and for friends. I haven't really gotten to coloring them yet, but I do have the penciled drawings of them, so I will share one here with you.

This is Elora 'The Demon (Tel'Rauko)' Larneth, She was created for a friends' character in a Pathfinder game. You can click on the Name at the beginning of this sentence to go to where it lives on my deviantART page.


So I am off for today and will see you all later. As always remember to stop in and visit my friends' blogs: Dreaming of Fish and Imperial Anthology